Detailled Contribution System



including green winter vegetables



according to the quantities actually picked up (consumption) on the basis of trust


1 share / orientation aid for self-assessment



1x             € 120, -

1.5 times € 150, -

2-fold      € 180, -




Durable in the glass



Can also be chosen without a veggie subscription:


Project admission fee:


€ 360, - / year

(Shipping costs optional)

1 box of 6 glasses / month.


The size of the glasses varies depending on the effort in production.

All amounts are per month. Payable in advance by the 5th of the month. Binding to 1 harvest year from May to April.


More options:


5. Voluntary funding:
earmarked to cover current necessary investments or later for an investment reserve.


6. Social award

For people (households) in a social emergency, separate amounts adapted to the situation are agreed (see introduction).




From three years of experience I know which vegetables overwinter in the winter and which grow in the winter - for the March / April harvest. As winter fresh I mean all types of vegetables which are freshly harvested outdoors or from mini tunnels and foil houses in the winter months.


Kale November to April

Arugula November to April

Asia salads December to April

Radiccio January and February

Endive December January April

Pick lettuce March April

Winter Hedge Bulbs November December March April

Winter carrots November December January February

Spinach November December February March April

Swiss chard March April


With a mobile foil house, the harvest of some vegetables may be a month early. Carrots fresh in April Leaf salads fresh in March. A new field of experimentation is opening up where a lot is still possible. All of this is available in winter fresh.

Winter vegetables alone are no longer advertised; if you are interested, we will make individual agreements.




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* The prices in the contribution system are based on experience over the last few years, on the results of ongoing discussions and on the exchange of experiences with other CSAs.