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What is kimchi?

KIMCHI is a traditional Korean dish made from Chinese cabbage and many other vegetables that are fermented together for a few months. This preserves the vegetables for the whole winter. In Korea, it is a big event for every family when they all eat the kimchi made together. For hundreds of years, the daily consumption of kimchi has kept generations of people in excellent health. All the biodiversity of a healthy garden is contained in just one spoon of kimchi.

Kimchi is arguably the most researched fermented product. Many scientific studies show that it is a "functional food" with few calories. In addition, many vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants have been found in it that are not yet contained in this form in freshly harvested vegetables. Kimchi has many positive properties and effects, good for people who are overweight and useful as a cancer prophylaxis.

How is Gretis Kimchi made?

Rudi cultivates the variety of vegetables by means of "Dammkultur" without irrigation in dry areas. Chinese cabbage, carrots, radishes as well as fresh leeks and chilli are harvested fresh from the field. The vegetables are then cut or torn by Greti, mixed or rolled in our vegan seasoning sauce and put in the glass in a laborious process. The maturation takes place after a few months, depending on the taste more or less spicy.


Do you want to open your kimchi jar?

Please put a plate under the glass and open it carefully. It can be that the content gushes outwards - or bulges upwards and outwards because the content is active: The activity and joy of our friend, lactic acid, is simply very great! Similar to sparkling wine ... When the product is more mature, the liquid thickens and makes threads.

How is kimchi eaten?

With its balanced acidic bouquet, KIMCHI is perfect as a diverse accompaniment to meals. For example with pasta, rice, potatoes and also with meat. Try it !

- regional
- 95% fresh from the field

- craft

- wildly fermented
- Vegetables from "Dammkultur"

- without watering

- little resource consumption



- sourly spicy
- Antibacterial potential

- Can lower cholesterol

- Immune strengthening potential

- Antioxidant potential

- Promoting intestinal bacteria

- vegan, raw


FOOD DESIGN of the future:

"My goal is to refine tasty organic and regional agricultural products in harmony with nature."


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