How true agriculture can succeed.


Organically produced, seasonal vegetables from our regenerative agriculture in Oberstockstall am Wagram / Lower Austria - freshly harvested every week.

Fermented & durable - to utilize seasonal surpluses.


As a participant in a "Community supported agriculture" = CSA) pay you with your contribution not only the harvest of play in the form of "goods for consideration ', but also supports our agricultural practices with their positive environmental side effects. HERE GOES to our CONTRIBUTION SYSTEM


Our agriculture

We grow our vegetables on 1.5 hectares biodynamically, with particularly high demands on the "naturalness" of our variety of vegetables. We live sustainability, rely on minimal mechanization and deliveries that are as fresh as possible (even in winter). Due to the high expenditure - also in terms of time - we can take care of far fewer people (currently around 30 parts of the harvest) than conventional "industrialized" agriculture does. For some, the contributions for the parts of the harvest appear "high" at first glance. However, if you focus on the value of such real "LIFE" resources and the positive ecological side effects, they are appropriate - and for us simply economically necessary.


The solidary element

.... exists on the one hand between the producers (Rudi Hoheneder, Greti Mayer) and the buyers through fixed monthly contributions and a commitment to a harvest year in order to be able to plan the cultivation relatively safely, both in terms of plant cultivation and finances.


On the other hand, there should also be solidarity with one another, namely to pay the appropriate aliquot contribution for the quantities actually used and, if necessary, also to "contribute" to people (households) in social distress, at least for a certain period of time with lower contributions.

We don't want to weigh and count carrots - we want a "culture of trust"

- just "solidarity" with regard to the amounts and contributions. You can find out more here.


Your Rudi Hoheneder






We currently manage a horticultural business with 1.5 hectares of arable land according to biodynamic guidelines.

That means:

  • Organically grown seeds

  • Preservation of old potato varieties

  • Biodiversity of vegetables and herbs

  • Build up the ground with a variety of greenery

  • Fertilize with your own compost

  • preferably circular economies

  • Promotion of beneficial organisms

  • intensive use of biodynamic preparations to increase quality

  • Hedges - space for beneficial insects

  • Flower strips for insects already provided